Havok, played by Lucas Till, who features in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 X-Men end credits scene

Why an X-Men end credit scene plays after Amazing Spider-Man 2

I’ll admit that my initial reaction to the discovery that the end credits scene for Amazing Spider-Man 2 was an X-Men: Days of Future Past plug was that Sony and Fox have realised that Disney’s ‘Avenger’s franchise really needs some competition and quickly, so a Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four crossover could potentially do that.

Sadly it seems that with Avi Arad recently denouncing Spidey joining the Avengers as nothing more than a ‘stunt’ I can only assume that the taking away of the olive branch also refers to Fox’s comic book franchises as well. In fact the reason why we got an X-Men scene at all is to fulfil a business agreement and nothing more.

An agreement that goes all the way back to 500 Days of Summer, which you will remember was current Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb’s breakout film (and it was really good, Zooey Deschanel is a babe!). You see, Webb signed a contract to make two movies for Fox, one of which was 500 Days of Summer, however he was poached by Sony for Spider-Man before he could make the second film.

Fox were okay with this as long as Sony agreed to market X-Men: Days of Future Past and that is why many people were sat in cinemas over the last week scratching their heads wondering what on earth was happening. Especially those that knew that the X-Men are owned by a different company.

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