What is that in Chamber Seven?

New member of Sinister Six teased in new Amazing Spider-Man 2 featurette?

Spider-Man's mask

Spider-Man’s mask

Woo. More Spider-Man clips. You know what I woke up today and I thought to myself ‘I haven’t seen a small chunk of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film yet today’. But naturally I needn’t have thought that as Sony, who have as reliably as ever, released a new featurette. This time Entertainment Weekly are the lucky people to get to show a tiny bit more of Amazing Spider-Man 2.

So a few interesting things in that featurette. A big focus on Spider-Man hurting the ones he loves with a direct mention to Gwen Stacey’s fate in the comic-books and the fact that they’ve ‘played around’ with Gwen Stacey’s fate, fooling the audience several times.

Also particularly interesting is something that fellow Spider-Man newsie Sevenwebheads picked up on. We’ve already seen the Vulture Harness and Doc Ock arms but what we hadn’t seen was chamber number 7 just before them. However in this featurette we get a small glimpse of it and it’s contents … Which is nothing. Just some charred scorch marks which are possibly referring to a Sinister Six member or Spidey villain. However i’ve no idea who at this stage, answers on a post-card for what was, or is, in that chamber people! Check out the photo below.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is almost upon us and I can’t wait to see Sony’s ‘Bits you haven’t seen’ featurette to truly give away everything before the film is out. Sure I’m being facetious and sure this latest featurette doesn’t really give anything new away but I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

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