Marc Webb says Spider-Man is better than Super-Man

Now I can’t help but detect that there’s a little bit of bias going on here but nevertheless Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 director Marc Webb has gone on record to say that everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man is better than the Man of Steel.

the International Business Times have argued that Batman vs Superman, or Superman vs Batman has stolen the thunder from other superhero films in terms of public discussion and news. Whilst I don’t necessarily think that’s the case it has lead to Marc Webb seemingly hitting out at the DC franchise heroes.

In a recent interview with MTV Webb revealed that he thought Spider-Man was leagues above his DC counterpart Super-Man (both of which share startling similarities when you think about it, even down to the colours of their costume). Webb said,

“He obviously has great strength … But what’s really great about Spider-Man are a few things that make him different from other superheroes…There’s an emotional component to the superhero. It’s not even super-heroism. It’s something we all can have, something we all have the capacity to have. Superman and Thor have great strength and they use that to great effect,” he added. “But Spider Man saves people.”

As you you can see Webb isn’t happy with just bashing DC he’s also had a go at Disney’s Marvel studios by suggesting that Thor is also not as good as Spider-Man. Personally I agree with Webb, whilst I’m a fan of all comic-book heroes Spider-Man is my favourite, which is why I call myself Spider-Dan, I could easily call myself Bat-Dan or Super-Dan but I don’t!

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