Alistair Smythe

First look at BJ Novak as Alistair Smythe released

Spider Slayer

Spider Slayer

There isn’t much from Amazing Spider-Man 2 that remains a secret thanks to Sony’s kitchen sink approach to releasing pictures, video clips, posters, news, extended clips, trailers etc etc. And now we can add BJ Novak’s potential future Spider-Man villain Alistair Smythe to the list of things we no longer have to wait until the film to look forward to.

Here’s the picture.

As you can see the robotics specialist and Oscorp worker can be seen here alongside Max Dillon who we all know will eventually turn into the main villain of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro. But what’s important is that it looks like Smythe is all up in Dillon’s face, and that smile looks as sinister as sin. Please bring the Spider-Slayers soon…

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