The Ultimate-Spider-suit from Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Miles Morales' Ultimate-suit & completely new suits confirmed for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

One of the most exciting things about Beenox’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game is the addition of Spidey-suits with in game perks, in a call back to a favourite Playstation Spidey game of mine. We’ve already seen that four Spidey-suits are the pre-order bonus for, well, pre-ordering the game. The Web Threads pack contains Iron Spidey, Noir Spidey, Venom Spidey and Cosmic Spidey.  Of which we’ve seen the perks for the Cosmic suit, as well as the Noir and Venom suit.

BUT in a gameplay video courtesy of Escapist we’ve been treated to a sneak peak (deliberate reveal) of another popular alternative Spider-suit that will be unlockable via in-game gameplay. But which of the many Spider-suits did Escapist’s video reveal? None other than Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-suit.

Miles Morales' Ultimate Spider-Man will be unlockable in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game

Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man will be unlockable in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game

This is a pretty cool suit and I’m thrilled it’ll be in the game. However this suit is one of at least fifteen suits that will be unlockable throughout the game as Beenox’s Creative Director Thomas Wilson reveals. He goes on to say

Throughout the game there are multiple hide-outs where you can get different suits. There’s also suits that were announced for the pre-order. And since it’s our fourth Spider-Man we’re quite familiar with a lot of the costumes we’ve developed and there’s going to be new ones as well. And so each suit comes with it’s own stats so you can upgrade each suit individually and each suit has bonuses and perks that the others might not have, for instance if you have the Spider-Man Noir costume then you’ll get a stealth bonus. The idea is that the more you play with the suit, the better it gets

So there you have it folks, not only will we definitely be getting Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man suit, but there will be some new suits that Beenox have never used before! How exciting is that!

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