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Hero or Menace gameplay information for Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game

One of the more intriguing things about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game is the new ‘hero and menace’ morality system that has been implemented by Beenox for the new game. Games Rader attended the Games Developers Conference, which Beenox took the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game to. And they’ve kindly reported on how the ‘hero vs menace’ system works in game.

But first Games Radar talk about the newly improved web-slinging system.

I experienced the new Hero and Menace mode while trying out Spider-Man’s web-swinging capabilities. The swing is more natural than in the previous Amazing Spider-Man tie-in, asking players to alternate pressing the left and right triggers as they move from one emergency to the next

Following this, the Sand-box mode of playing comes into play as you can decide to web-swing towards certain moments of crime that are happening and intervene. It is your decision to attend these moments and save the day or to swing idly by that increases your hero or menace rating.

The new exploration style quickly got me to a robbery in progress, where I beat the thugs into unconsciousness using Spidey’s nimble variation on the counter-heavy combat seen in the Arkham games. After foiling their plan, a quick Daily Bugle news piece played to promote my good deed. That then raised the hero meter and levels up Spidey.

But a short while later Games Radar would experience the fickle nature of journalism as they failed to save everyone from a burning building, leading to a rasping piece of hate-journalism from J. Jonah. Jameson.

But the city can be fickle, like when I failed to save everyone from a burning building (don’t worry, the fireman got everyone out). In no time flat, Bugle boss J. Jonah Jameson got the town to turn on Spidey, which meant security drones were on the prowl for the webbed wonder

So essentially Spider-Man is a bit like Grand Theft Auto now!

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