Stan Lee's cameo and other new pictures for Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here are some more pictures from the Amazing Spider-Man 2, most of them focus on Peter Parker as a person rather than Spider-Man the superhero. We see Parker with both Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey and Sally Field’s Aunt May. However my favourite shot out of this bunch is the Stan Lee cameo which appears to be of Marvel’s Generalissimo in the stands of Gwen Stacey’s graduation, but what is he looking at?

Stan Lee's Amazing Spider-Man 2 cameo.

Stan Lee’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 cameo.

So that’s Stan’s cameo, I really do wonder who he’s pointing at. My guess is that he spots Spider-Man swinging into the area to attend his girlfriend’s graduation, before coming out as Peter Parker and doing the whole ‘Sorry I’m late, I had a traffic thing’ stick.

Anyway, the other photos are below!

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