Man in Shadows from new Amazing Spider-Man 2 TV spot

A 'Sinister New Era' announced in Amazing Spider-Man 2 TV spot

Sony have acknowledged their work developing a Sinister Six movie for the first time in the first TV spot for Mark Webb’s upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 film in a short advert that is sure to get Spider-Fans frothing at the mouth to see the movie. It’s also got me excited for a Sinister Six movie whenever we get that, so good job Sony, good job!

As you can see in the video it’s basically just loads of quick action shots introducing all of the Sinister villains in Amazing Spider-Man 2 from Rhino to Electro to Harry Osborn, whilst also giving us that infamous Man in the Shadows and a glimpse at the Doc OC arms and Vulture wings. Naturally all of this is accompanied by the statement ‘A Sinister New Era Arrives’ All very exciting stuff!

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