Spider-Man's web-slinging in Spider-Man video game

Web-slinging updated for Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

Anyone who played the first  Amazing Spider-Man game will recall thinking to themselves ‘what the hell’ when they discovered that they could make Spider-Man web-sling off of clouds. Yes, that’s right you could use fluffy clouds as an anchor for your swinging escapades.

However developers Beenox have put paid to cloud-based swinging for the second game, as a comment from Stephane Gravel, an executive producer at Beenox suggests. “”Web-swinging works a bit differently this time around, and if it’s always bothered you that Spidey can somehow soar above the city, shooting webbing into thin air rather than swinging through it, you’ll be pleased to learn the web-head now attaches to actual objects in the environment.”

It may seem like a small thing, but making Spider-Man’s movements more realistic and plausible is a big step in building Spider-Man towards competing with Bat-Man’s Arkham video game series. It really was bizarre to see Spidey just shooting his web towards the sky and somehow swing around.

Aside from the web-slinging and the aforementioned morality system Beenox had revealed more game features, in quite a lengthy post. “Equally important is getting the “neighborhood” part of “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” right, and creating a more diverse New York City that’s fun to spend time in. That starts with revising our Manhattan, getting it closer to the look and feel of the real thing, complete with more varied buildings and architecture, distinct districts, more realistic street sizes, and more reasons to explore.”

“This design philosophy of focusing on Manhattan is about more than just mixing up the aesthetics; we want the city to be your playground, which means treating it as more than a hub for going off to other, more confined places. More missions and side activities take place within the city, and many progress dynamically (e.g., you fight some thugs in the streets, their leader takes off in a car, and you chase him down). This also means getting away from the constraints of what typically defines a “level” in Spidey games, opening them up in a way that offers far more variety.”

“Moreover, by opting for more open spaces, we can offer players greater choice in tackling combat encounters – most notably by drastically increasing the number of opportunities for viable stealth solutions, as well as increasing Spidey’s prowess when striking from the shadows.”

“If that’s not your thing, new enemy countertypes add greater depth and challenge to combat brawls, discouraging button-mashing and incentivizing you to use your whole arsenal. We’re also changing up the pace of upgrades so that they’re something you acquire appreciably throughout the adventure.”

“That improved sense of pacing also applies to the story, which we’ve been crafting closely with Marvel with great attention to character. Taking place alongside the events of the movie this time (rather than after-the-fact), it takes on a more personal tone for both Spider-Man, on the hunt for Uncle Ben’s killer, and Peter Parker himself, who will have his own role to play in the narrative outside of the costume (which I’m personally excited for).”

“The game’s impressive cast of villains will also get their due, playing a more central role throughout the plot while providing some memorable boss showdowns.”

I told you it was lengthy! But how about that, it appears that Beenox have taken Amazing Spider-Man 1 and then improved every aspect of it. Will you be picking up a copy of Amazing Spider-Man 2?

The game will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS and PC. And it will be available on the 29th April in America and the 2nd of May in the UK.

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