Real Madrid and Barcelona goalkeepers Diego Lopez and Victor Valdez as Spider-Man

Real Madrid & Barcelona football players star in Amazing Spider-Man 2 advert

We’ve seen standard posters and we’ve seen moving posters and we’ve seen international trailers for Amazing Spider-Man 2. But one thing we haven’t seen is players from two of Spain’s greatest football teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, dressed as Spider-Man, that is until now thanks to a new advert released by Sony!

This clever advert suggests that the reason why the likes of Andres Iniesta, Diego Lopez, Alvaro Arbeloa and Victor Valdez are amongst the best players in the world, and subsequently their teams are up there as greats of football is because their players and Spider-Man aren’t all that dissimilar.

It features Real Madrid and Barcelona goalkeepers Diego Lopez and Victor Valdez dressed as Spider-Man playing with a football before climbing around up walls and hanging upside down on the ceiling. Then inexplicably the advert also introduces a phone (this advert advertises everything) as Valdez gets a phone-call from Real Madrid Left-Back Alvaro Arbeloa, also dressed as Spider-Man, that Lopez tries to answer, accidentally dropping the phone in a barrel of water.

I know it’s all fairly random. We’ve got football, Real-Madrid, Barcelona, Spider-Man and a phone all in one advert. Seriously the plot of this thing is as hard to follow as the Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks like it could be with all of the villains involved. The advert finishes with Andres Iniesta arriving in his own Spidey suit, showing the audience the phone still works and then having a kick-about with a fifth undisclosed Spider-Man. Oh, and there are cars, I forgot the cars.

Seriously it’s bonkers check it out below!

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