Amazing Spider-Man actress Emma Stone at the centre of nude photo rumours

Naked viral photo not Amazing Spider-Man actress Emma Stone

Amazing Spider-Man’s Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy is at the centre of naked photo rumours that were allegedly intended for co-star Andrew Garfield.

Of all of the actresses currently working Emma Stone is the last person you’d think would take a reckless selfie that would somehow find its way onto the internet for thousands to gawk at. But that’s exactly what rumours have suggested recently when a nude photo many thought to be Emma was leaked online.

The photo shows a women who closely resembles Stone enough that ‘sources’ have revealed that it is in fact Emma Stone standing fully naked taking a selfie. Those self-same ‘sources’ allege that the photo was intended for Emma’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-star and real life longtime beau Andrew Garfield.

Of course sources close to Emma have denied the photo is of her, stating several differences between the red-head in the photo and Spider-Man’s Gwen Stacy. For example the lady in the photo doesn’t have moles on her stomach, or a tattoo on her wrist which are both things documented about Emma Stone.

As of yet, neither Emma Stone, nor the girl in the photo (providing it isn’t Emma of course) have commented on the matter, but I do feel that the evidence above would prove Stone innocent. Especially as she’s been caught in an interview saying that she would never post naked

via the New Zealand Herald

“My dad would kill me if I posed naked. He wouldn’t speak to me again and I really love my dad, so that’s always something that makes me a little nervous.”

And I don’t really believe that Miss. Stone would risk incurring the wrath of her dad, do you? Besides judging from the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer Emma has her hands full as Gwen Stacy as Peter Parkers girlfriend looks like she’s in more danger than she’s ever been!

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